Its Not Goodbye – Laura Pausini

Hom nay la mot ngay vui, mac du chi co 1 minh va hoc duoc nhieu dieu. Buoi sang di cho, buoi trua di du mot cai workshop o Santa Monica, mot thanh pho bien kha dep, co lien quan den career cua minh. Gap go nhieu nguoi. Mac du la mot workshop free va duoc thong bao rong rai, nhung nguoi tham du thi chi co 1 minh la dan chau A, con lai bao nhieu toan la My trang. Thay minh that la nho be, ca ve nghia den lan nghia bong. Noi chuyen, hoc duoc nhieu thu hay ho cho cong viec va communication skills. Co gang sap xep thoi gian tham du nhieu thu nhu vay hon nua.  

Sau do thi di bo vong vong  Santa Monica, cam giac minh nhu la khach du lich…. Mua duoc 2 cai binh cam hoa rat dep ma chi 2$ mot cai…. Di an yourgut mot minh, ma duoc an free!….Thay minh song o Los/ My cung kha kha nhieu nam roi, ma van bo ngo nhu mot dua tre moi duoc ra khoi nha. Rut ra duoc nhieu thu. Cuoc song nay tuoi dep biet bao nhieu! Mai se ru me di coi phim, vi co 2 ve coi free. Can phai co gang thuong thuc cuoc song  nhien hon nua… Uhm tu an ui better late than never! Tom lai la co gang, co gang va khong ngung co gang. Du song o dau, Sai Gon/ Viet Nam hay o My, thi cung phai hoc hoi va tim hieu ve cuoc song, khong thi cho du song o day 20, 30 nam, van khong hieu biet gi nhieu…!

Nghe bai hat nay….. search bai hat nay nhieu lan ma khong tim duoc,  tinh co nghe tren blog cua ban, mung qua bung ve day! Cho du nghe nhac Viet nam rat nhieu, nhung minh van thich nhac tieng Anh hon, vi nhac tieng Anh thuong hoa am, phoi khi rat hay, loi hat thuong ngan gon nhung co y nghia, va nhat la moi khi nghe nhac tieng Anh, cho du la bai hat co noi dung buon thi van cam thay co inspiration!

Its Not Goodbye – Laura Pausini

And what if I never kiss your lips again
Or feel the touch of your sweet embrace
How would I ever go on
Without you there’s no place to belong

Well someday love is gonna lead you back to me
But ’til it does I’ll have an empty heart
So I’ll just have to believe
Somewhere out there you thinking of me

Until the day I’ll let you go
Until we say our next hello
It’s not goodbye
‘Til I see you again
I’ll be right here rememberin’ when
And if time is on our side
There will be no tears to cry
On down the road
There is one thing I can’t deny
It’s not goodbye

You’d think I’d be strong enough to make it through
And rise above when the rain falls down
But it’s so hard to be strong
When you’ve been missin’ somebody so long

It’s just a matter of time I’m sure
But time takes time and I can’t hold on
So won’t you try as hard as you can
To put my broken heart together again