Movie – Finding Mr. Right

Finding Mr. Right

Minh khong phai la big fan cua cac the loai phim tinh cam Han Quoc, Hong Kong, Dai Loan… vi no dai dong qua.  Minh thich action movies cua My hon, giai quyet van de nhanh gon le. Tinh co tren may bay coi duoc bo phim nay: Finding Mr. Right va fall in love. Phim dien vien la Trung Quoc nhung dong o My va dien bien nhanh theo kieu phim My. Phim ke ve mot co gai nguoi Trung Quoc co bau voi mot nguoi dan ong o Trung Quoc nhung da co vo, nen co khong the sinh con o Trung Quoc ma phai tim duong sang My ( Seatle) de sinh con de tranh du luan. Va cuoi cung co ta da tim duoc a new unexpected love in Seatle.

Noi dung phim giong giong nhu la phim Sleepless in Seatle nhung bo phim lam minh that su xuc dong. Con gai ai chang thich co quan ao, gio xach hang hieu dat tien nhung tien khong phai la tat ca. And do not judge the book by the cover. Also we need to learn to appreciate the unique traits our partners bring to the relationship and keep our mind and our heart open about where it is going.

 A highly recommended movie for a Saturday night with the beloved.

  Nhan ra rang lau lau cung phai coi 1 bo phim tinh cam de thay yeu doi/ yeu nguoi them mot ti.