How to Inspire People



1. Notice Others’ Weaknesses Considerately. Knowing what people are going through and what people are struggling with allows you to help. Remember that helping people with their weaknesses isn’t about fixing your own problems; it’s about helping people who struggle.

2. Connect. Once you know how people are struggling, figure out how to connect with them. Use what they already love and are interested in. Here are some tips on how to connect:

Make them feel important. People think about themselves, and if you think they are important, if they feel that, they’ll start to believe that you understand them.

Sympathize. If someone asks you a question or asks for help, seriously think about it before answering, instead of saying, “I don’t know.” Think about how they feel, and you can help them overcome.

Know when to be quiet. You don’t always have to talk to inspire people. This also helps to help people feel important. Effective communication is important for connecting.

Be someone you’d want to be around. In other words, be someone that you would enjoy being around. If you don’t like how you act, chances are other people won’t like you, either.

3. Use yourself as inspiration. Someone that never overcame anything isn’t inspiring. Overcoming weaknesses is the source of inspiration. Use your experiences to help others. Maybe trade weaknesses so that you give up a weakness in exchange for them working on theirs. As they see you becoming better, it will inspire them to overcome theirs. You might even be inspired by them to overcome your own weakness.

4. Be resourceful. When things don’t work well, instead of giving up, figure out a new way to inspire people. Utilize your friend base and what influence you have over the situation. You might not be able to do anything directly, but you might be able to talk to higher authorities; sometimes parents can be a major influence even when people are adults.


  • Try to come off as having a lot of faith in people. Expecting people to be a good person always helps people to be inspired, and people will open up to people that they think believes in them.
  • Notice how you have been inspired in the past. Try studying someone that inspired you to see how they act and what they do.
  • Try your best. Always go into things with good intentions and positive thoughts. Most likely, you’ll be admired for your determination and will tend to do better. When you lose a soccer game or have a bad day at school or work, try to go through it with a quiet smile and do better next time. Don’t blame it all on yourself, nor should you blame it on anyone else. It will make you look the opposite of inspiring. This is common sense, but it’s surprising how many people forget how awesome they really are!
  • Words alone don’t do much. Telling an experience will help more or showing someone you care will do more. It’s you that inspires them, not your words.