October 26, 2012

1. Mot ngay vui. Thay can phai ghi lai.  Cuoi cung thi cung da “day” di duoc 4 cai reports quan trong hom nay.

Trua, tu thuong minh + tu  an mung bang viec dan staff di an do Thai den gan 2 tieng dong ho. Toi nghiep may em staff cua minh, gan 2 thang qua toan la an lunch trong cafeteria, hom nay moi duoc buoc chan ra ngoai an lunch, dua nao dua nay mat may hon ho, tuoi roi roi, an uong ngon lanh,  mon nao cung “quat” sach bach, vua an vua cuoi noi huyen thuyen!

5h chieu, sep goi phone, “duoi” minh ve: “Please turn off your computer, start packing up and heading home NOW! Please do not look at any emails this weekend. Please give yourself a break, do not work this weekend”. Vay ma 8h toi moi buoc chan ra khoi van phong, ve nha, an uong xong la nhao vao lau nha, lau bep, lau restroom. Minh thiet la đảm đang het suc!  

3.  Doc duoc cai nay trong phone:

You are underestimating yourself. You may  not think you have what it takes to take on a big new opportunity. You may assume that you won’t the resources, or worse – that you aren’t suitable for the challenge. You could be worried that you aren’t smart enough, talented enough or even sophisticated enough to deal with the whole package. But if you put your toe in the water first, you will find that it will be easier to jump in. Don’t give up a rare chance at something quite grand out of insecurity.  

4. Hom nay nghe lai bai nay cua Blackmore’s Nights: Under a violet moon

Chang biet sao moi ngay minh deu tinh co nghe duoc it nhat mot bai hat kha phu hop voi tam trang cua minh hom do.   


Dancing to the feel of the drum
Leave this world behind
We’ll have a drink
And toast to ourselves
Under a violet moon