The 7 timeless habits of Happiness

Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.
(Benjamin Disraeli)

Nhieu viec qua, minh phai plan that la ki va phai nghiem tuc thuc hien moi duoc. Than tho, buon phien hoai cung chang lam duoc cai gi, ma phai take action moi duoc.


Just do it anyway.


If you have a hard time doing something, a hard time getting started, a hard time changing your mood with the suggestions above just do what you need to do anyway.

You are not your thoughts and emotions. They aren’t your boss or parents. You don’t have to obey them. You are the observer of your thoughts and emotions. Sometimes you listen to them. And sometimes you just see them as blabbering going on and on in your mind and body.

And then you just go. You do what you want to do anyway. If you just jump into action and just do it soon your mood will change to a more uplifting one. For more on this topic have a look a Just Do It!

(How to Quickly Change a Negative Mood into a Positive One

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The 7 timeless habits of Happiness:

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